A Summer Full Of Adventures | 8.5.2015

As summer is coming to an end and I start my senior year tomorrow, I decided to talk about all of the places I went this summer, and I highly recommend you travel to these places.

Galveston Island Historic Pier: Galveston, Texas 


This is me and my boyfriend Mason on the beach beside the pier. It is such a beautiful and fun place to go. It’s the perfect place for date night or a day with your family. It’s like a fair but it lasts every weekend. The pier is closed during the week. Probably because kids have school. But, it has 15 carnival rides, 1 huge roller coaster, It has carnival games, and a bunch of souvenir shops. The roller coaster is called the “Iron Shark”, and it’s pretty scary to ride. It’s also very fun but near the back of the roller coaster it has this loop that makes it look like you’re about to go into the ocean. It’s cool and scary all at the same time. This place is awesome. You have so much to do. You should totally visit this place, you won’t regret it.


Here’s what the pier looks at night. It’s so pretty. 

Gulf Shores Beach, Alabama


This is also me and my boyfriend at Gulf Shores. If you love going to the beach, then you will love this beach. It’s not crowded like a lot of other beaches. It’s peaceful and a great place to spend time with friends and family. It has tons of restaurants and attractions all around the beach. You will have something to do every night. I recommend if you go try the restaurant called “Mikee’s Seafood”. It is sooo good! It has the best grilled shrimp and potato salad. I had the best time at Gulf Shores, I can’t wait to go back.

Land Between The Lakes: Golden Pond, Kentucky


  This place is so pretty. If you love the outdoors, then this is a place you definitely need to visit. The pictures above were taken at the Elk and Bison Piarie. It’s where you pay five dollars and you get to drive around and see all the Elk and Bison. It’s really neat and so pretty. They get really close to your car but they won’t do anything. I recommend you go here. But, besides there you can go hiking, you can ride on the lake, you can go camping, and so much more. It’s such a fun place to visit. You have so many things you can do. It’s a great place to take a family vacation. 

Let me know if you have went on any fun trips this summer. Have you been to places I mentioned? 

Hope you had a great summer! 

Thanks for reading! 


It Cosmetics Review | 8.4.2015

Hello fellow makeup lovers, today I wanted to do a review on two products I recently tried from It Cosmetics. If you are familiar with this company then you know they are quite expensive, but the products I’m about to mention were definitely worth the splurge.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Creme: 32$ 
I’m sure you might have heard about this product by now. Have you debated about purchasing this product? Because I did. I didn’t think the price was worth it when you only get a tiny jar of product. It contains 0.37 fl oz. I did not think it would last long at all considering it’s an all over the face product. But, boy was I wrong. I purchased this around the beginning of March, and I have used it religiously everyday since and I am just now getting down to the last little bit. What is it for you might ask? This product is intended to cover any redness that you might have hence the title being “Bye Bye Redness”. It really does take away all of the redness. Maybe you have a blemish that you can’t cover up, well this will sure do the trick. Ladies do you get redness around your nose? Does the redness begin to show through your makeup in the middle of the day? Well that’s okay because we just can’t escape it, it’s our hormones. But, this stuff worked like a miracle for me. It covered the redness completely for me. Best of all, it lasted all day! You can also use this product as foundation. I tried it out as a foundation and I just prefer to use it as concealer. The formulation is great. It’s very creamy and not thick. It’s not heavy and it doesn’t way my skin down. The only down fall is that it only comes in one shade, other than that it’s an amazing product. You all should go purchase this product. I know it’s kind of pricy but you will not regret it.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye: 25$


If you are like me, then you struggle with finding products that will conceal your dark circles and won’t crease throughout the day. Well, I have found that product. The jar contains 0.17 fl oz of product. It has a very thin and creamy texture, and it’s what I love about this product. Unlike many other under eye concealers, it is not thick and it does not crease at ALL through the day.  I use it everyday. I do recommend that you set it with an under eye setting powder. Unlike the Bye Bye Redness, it comes in three shades light, medium, and rich. So there is one to suite all skin types. I am in the shade light because I like my under eyes to be bright and awake. I apply this product using a small concealer brush and I apply a very tiny amount to my under eyes then I blend with my ring finger. I feel it’s what works best. It is one of the best under eye concealers that I have ever used. I recommend you all go out and purchase this product. It is a miracle in a jar.

You can purchase these products from ItCosmetics.com or Ultra.com.

If you have tried these products, comment and let me know what you think about them. What are your favorite It Cosmetics products?

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8 Signs You’re With The Man You Should Marry | 8.3.2015

I have often wondered the question “am I with the man I am supposed to marry?” , and after realizing the signs that I’m about to mention I know for the fact that I am with my soul mate, my true love, and the man that I hope to one day marry. I hope these signs will help answer your questions too. marriage-cartoon-proposal

1. He doesn’t try to change you. This is a big one. This is the sign that every girl should go by. He knows that you’re “always” right, that you’re clumsier than him, and sometimes you like to sleep until twelve but that’s okay because he loves you for you. There’s not one thing he would ever want to change about you. I’m sorry ladies if there is, he’s not the one.

2. He brags to everyone and their mom about you. If he talks about you to all of his friends, family, co-workers, the lady who cuts his hair and is always asking him questions about if he’s ready to tie the knot, and even his neighbor who lives two houses down with all of the dogs… Then he is definitely the one. He does this because he thinks very highly of you and he believes that everyone should know because he thinks he is pretty lucky to have you in his life.

3. He always tries to make you happy.  Are you randomly receiving flowers to your office every morning? Is he taking you out to your favorite restaurants every Friday for date night? When you’ve had a long and stressful day at work does he come over with love movies and lots of ice cream? Basically If he is going out of his way to please you and keep you happy he is definitely a keeper.

4. You survived a long-distance relationship. You were 14 hours away from one another and months apart but y’all loved each other so much you made the scarifies to make it through and now stronger than ever before.

5. You’re okay with making plans together months into the future. You’re not scared to plan a trip in March when it’s only December because you feel that confident in y’alls relationship together.

6. He loves your family as much as you do his. He’ll go take you’re little brother to Chuck E. Cheese’s with only him without hesitation because he loves that little guy. And you would go spend hours at the mall with his mom because y’all are like best friends.

7. He doesn’t care how you look he always thinks you’re beautiful. You have on a full face of makeup, fake lashes the whole nine yards, dressed in this stunning blue dress and he finds you absolutely gorgeous. One day you just got of the shower, no makeup, glasses on, and you are wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and he still finds you absolutely gorgeous.

8. You just know. I could go on and on with signs to check off but at the end of the day it bulls down to do you feel in your heart that he’s the one? Do you feel it in your gut that he is the man you should marry? Because if you do, more than likely it’s right.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do you have anymore signs you would like to suggest? Comment and let me know.

Like always,

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July Favorites | 8.2.2015

Considering July has been over for two days now, and it is now August, my birthday month, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from July.

Favorite TV Show(s):

Orange is the new Black: I have been obsessed with this show not just the past month but all summer long. It is definitely a binge-worthy show. I watched all three seasons in three weeks. Crazy I know. But, it’s that good. The stories behind all of the inmates are very thought through and you just feel like you know them. Besides the nudity and graphic sex scenes, I recommend this show to everyone. If you haven’t seen it you should definitely go try it out. You won’t regret it.


Another show I have been obsessed with is  Scream: The TV series. I grew up loving the Scream movies. I’m a big horror movie person, but to me it just seemed something like Scream could really happen and that’s what made it scary. The tv series though is completely different than the movies. I love how they put a modern twist in the show. I didn’t think I would like it because it’s so different, but I absolutely love it! The storyline behind the show is amazing. It’s so interesting. If you haven’t seen this show, stop what you’re doing and go watch it. Right now. Do it. You can go to MTV.com to catch up on all the latest episodes. 

Products I’ve been loving: 

Lip_Shimmer_Rhubarb_NoCapI’m a huge chap stick person, ones with no color. I just can not pull off lipsticks with color. But, this Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb is so pretty and it’s been my go to chap stick/lipstick this past month. It leaves my lips moisturized with a pop of color. I can actually pull this one off. You should go try these out. They come is tons of different colors.


The L’oréal Makeup Extender Spray has been my go to setting spray for my makeup. It has been so hot and humid outside this past month and I have needed something to help keep my makeup on my face and help make it last , this stuff does just that! Who wants their makeup melting off because of the heat? Not me so if you have this problem, you should definitely go try this out! It actually works.

Those are some of the things that I loved last month and you should all go watch or try them out. Let me know what you’ve been loving. Are they the same as mine? Comment and let me know. 

Thanks for reading!

6 Things I’ve Learned In Highschool |8.1.2015

Being that I’ve survived the last three years of high school and I’m about to start my senior year, I’d like the share some things that I’ve learned and wish I would have known.

1. Highschool is definitely not like the movies. I’m sure if you’re like me then you thought high school would be this way but it’s not. In the movies they portray high school being this awesome place or sometimes this really awful place. They make it out to be something that it’s not. Things that happen in movies don’t really happen in real life. There’s no jock at prom that ditches his prom king crown to go kiss the “nerdy” girl. The parties aren’t awesome. They actually probably suck if it’s like my school. Also, it’s not this big scary place that has “groups” that you should be afraid of. Groups like the “plastics” or the “jocks” or the “smart kids” just don’t exist. My point is don’t get a picture of high school being the way it is in teen movies. Because in reality it isn’t.

2. People change. In middle school you have these best friends that you know  think you will be friends with forever; however, you most likely won’t be. I had those friends. I just knew that we would always stay best friends during high school and after. But, it didn’t happen. High school changes people. And that’s okay. More than likely you will too. You will find your true friends, but don’t be scared of change.

3. You don’t have to do everything everyone else is. Yeah, everyone is going out and partying on the weekends but that doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t feel like you have to do it to fit in or so that people will like you. The truth is if you have to do that for your “friends” to like you, you’re hanging around the wrong crowd. The people who really are your friends and care about you will understand.

4. Judging someone is a big fat that’s not right. You have problems, everyone does. Don’t judge anyone because you have no idea what’s really going on in their life. If you see someone making fun of the kid who doesn’t have a lot of friends and always sits by their self at lunch, stand up to that person. Be compassionate. Go talk to that kid or even sit with them at lunch. You’ll never understand how much it meant to that person.

5.High school is just high school at the end of the day. Yeah being popular is cool. Being the “nerdy” kid isn’t. What people think of you may seem like biggest thing in the world to you during high school, but once you graduate it doesn’t matter. When you graduate you probably won’t see a lot of those people again. You will go to different colleges. You’ll make new friends. They won’t care if you were the popular girl or a total greek in high school. It doesn’t matter anymore. Don’t let it take over your four years of high school.

6. Have fun because it doesn’t last forever.  Homework and grades are important, but sometimes you just need that one weekend to yourself. As cliché as it sounds, life is short and you need to make the most of it. Let loose for a weekend. Enjoy being young. Because before you know it your teenage years are over and now you’re an adult with a job and responsibilities. It does fly by, it still seems unreal that less than a week I’ll be a senior. Don’t take it for granted. Make the most of it. 

Thanks for reading!

Life sucks sometimes | 7.31.2015

So this post is going to be a little more personal than normal, but I feel like I need to talk about this certain subject. Depression. 

I had a very blessed childhood. Besides the fact that when I was five my parents got a divorce. I was too young to really understand what was happening and because I was young it didn’t really affect me. I mean nowadays hardly anyone stays together anymore. But, anyway. I have a really big family. I have  two little brothers and I’m very close to all of my cousins. Growing up, I was always busy. I was always going places and doing things with my cousins. I was very close to my father. He was my hero. I definitely was a daddy’s girl. As for me and my mom it was a different story. My childhood wasn’t always good. My mom worked nights. Because of that, she always slept during the day. She would never do anything with me or my brother. I would have to take care of him because she wouldn’t. I was eight years old having to watch a three year old. It wasn’t how you would imagine your childhood being, in that aspect. When my mom wasn’t sleeping, she was drinking. So I think that’s why me and my dad were so close. I never wanted to be at my moms. When I was around eleven things started to change when she met my stepdad, Sam.

She started cleaning up her act. She started doing things with us and she stopped drinking as much. Me and Will really liked him. He also had two daughters that were our ages so we liked that. We all got very close. He treated me and my brother like his own. I thought things were finally going to be good. Well, they got married. We moved into this extremely nice house and things were going great. But, like most people say “you never know how someone really is until you live with them” and that was exactly true with him. A couple months after we moved in, my mom and him started fighting a lot. He never wanted anything to do with moms side of the family but if she didn’t go where he wanted he would get mad. By where he wanted I mean, his kids softball games and stuff like that but he never went to any of mine. Their fights would get out of control from time to time. He would become abusive. He put multiple holes in the walls of our house and he threaten to slit my moms throat open one time and he’s pushed her around. I mean things got really bad. They got a divorce and she got a restraining order against him. She always went back to him even when she told me she wouldn’t. The result would always end the same way.

I started becoming depressed when I was around the eighth and ninth grade. Me and my brother did’t have a stable living environment. Me and my dad stopped being close because Sam wouldn’t let me see him and my mom didn’t do anything about it. Life was just really sucking. Mom started drinking more and Sam too. I got tired of living the way we were. I moved in with my grandmother and Will moved in with my dad and my other brother. My grandparents are the best people in the world. I have no idea what I would do without them. They really changed my life. Growing up I was always close to them. But, me and my mom stopped talking altogether. She and Will did too. It really hurt us. And he was only like ten when this all happened so he didn’t understand.

As of today, I’m still living with my grandparents and Will is still with my dad. I see Will and dad all the time. We still don’t have a good relationship but maybe things will get better in the future. Mom is still with Sam. We hardly talk, and it still hurts me. But, I have learned to not let it bother me because I know there are people who have it a lot worse. I have a good life because of my amazing family and my grandparents. My boyfriend has helped me a lot with my situation. My life is far from perfect but I’m grateful for how blessed I truly am. I’m not depressed anymore. I’m truly happy and one day I hope my mom will come to her senses. If any of you are struggling with depression, I promise things will get better. Surround yourself with loving friends and family and don’t focus on the bad things. Talk to someone and tell them how you feel. Depression is serious. If you need anyone to talk to, I’m always here.

Life may suck sometimes, but it’s not always bad. Sometimes it’s great. Focus on the great.

Thanks for reading!

Time & Wishes

Have you ever just sat back and thought about how fast time goes? Because lately I have. In less than a week I turn eighteen years old. It’s just crazy to think of myself as being an adult. I mean it’s like the day before I’m not allowed to even watch R rated movies, buy lottery tickets, or even cigarettes ( I don’t smoke and never will ) but then when I turn eighteen everything changes. I can then go do all those things and I’m considered an adult. I know I’m only turning eighteen but where has the time gone?

I remember being younger and always wishing that I was older. I always wished that I was old enough to have a car and drive. I pictured that being the coolest thing. Being able to go anywhere and have your own freedom without having to depend on your parents to take you places seemed awesome. But, when I finally reached that age my wish had become reality. Only what I pictured lasted all about a month. Driving became a chore. I hate driving. It wasn’t as cool as it was when I was younger. The next thing I remember wishing for was that I was old enough to watch R rated movies. The basic thing every teenager wishes for. I’m almost to that age. But, it doesn’t seem as awesome as it did when I was younger. My point is that I shouldn’t of wished I was older because when you get to that age nothing seems the way it did when I was younger. I spent too much time wishing for things in the future and not enjoying being young.

I would give anything to go back in time to being like six. A time when you have no worries except having to color staying in the lines. It would be so cool to relive a day being that young. Without having the stress of choosing what college to go to, high school, basic teenage problems, etc. It was such a easier and simply time. My advice to anyone wishing you were older so that you could do this and that is to stop wishing. You will reach that age one day, but enjoy the way things are now. Because I promise when you reach that age, you will wish you were young again.

Time just moves too fast. Life goes too quick. Before I know it, I’ll be twenty-one. I just want time to slow down. I want the days to be longer. But, I know that it can’t happen. I’m going to take my own advice and stop wishing I was older. Because, even now I wish sometimes that I was older so I could marry my boyfriend and start a family. I do want those things one day and I know they will come, but I’m going to live in the now and stop wishing for the future.

Thanks for reading!

Age is only a number .. 

  How many times have you heard the phrases “you’re too young, you don’t really love him”, “it’s just a phase, it’ll pass”,  or “you’re too young to know what real love is”? If you’re like me, then you’ve heard them a lot. These are the phrases that frustrate me. 

I was fourteen when I began dating my boyfriend, Mason and he had just turned sixteen, and when you first start dating someone you never really know how things will go or how long things will go on for or how madly in love you’ll be with that person . You have no idea what to expect. But, one thing you can expect when dating someone that age is the things people will say to you. All the phrases that I mentioned above and even more. I mean when my parents parents’ were that age they were getting married and now in today’s time it’s absolutely frowned upon. As it should be. But, I was just making a point. Just because you are young doesn’t automatically mean you’re not going to be able to be in love and it be real. Maybe if you’re like ten but above thirteen you should be alright. The love that I had for him at that age was real and it’s grown stronger ever since. It never failed that when I talked about him people would just look at me and give me a look that you knew meant “oh, you have no idea what you’re talking about”. That was so not true. I knew exactly what I was talking about and I meant it. 

Most girls at my age during that time always thought about true love being the way it was in the movies. That’s what I always thought love would be like. When I started dating Mason I realized that love was like that but so much more. I never thought you could feel that deeply for someone. It was like I never wanted to be anywhere without him and I couldn’t imagine my life being without him. We did absolutely everything together. He’d been in relationships before and so had I but we had never felt anything like we did before. We knew something was different. We knew it was true. But, I’m sure my friends and family thought I was crazy, that it was just a “phase” during that time. I’m sure they never thought we would still be together. 

Our love was real, as real as it is now. I’m now 17 about to be 18 and he is 19. Age had nothing to do with it. I’m lucky I found him at such a young age. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. One day I hope to marry him. Young or old anyone can feel true love. So, if anyone ever tells you the “phrases” and you know what you feel is real don’t let it bother you. You know how and what you feel, they just assume. I hope you’re lucky enough to find the love we have. 

Thanks for reading! 

Senior Year: Bring it on 

Summer is ending. It’s time to start facing reality. Next week I start my senior year of high school! Ahhhh. It’s starting to become so real, I can’t believe it. It’s true what they say about “time flies when you’re having fun”, am I right? Not really. My senior year couldn’t of come quick enough. I don’t want to make it seem like I haven’t had a blast these last three years because I totally have. I’m just not a big fan of highschool well just school in general, you know what I mean? I’m sure some of you are with me on that. Who actually likes getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning? Definitely not me!

Senior year: the year that’s filled with a lot of firsts, a whole lot of lasts, and a whole lot of relief. I’m excited I guess, but it just seems so unreal and scary. Scary because of the fact that next year I will start college. Like what?? But, That’s just a whole another story that is yet to come. But anyway, It feels just like yesterday I was walking down the halls on the first day of freshman year and not evening knowing where the bathroom was, anyone else remember that day? It’s just crazy to call myself a senior. Just two months ago I was a junior.

I’m going to make this year one of the best. It’s senior year, I’m kind of supposed to do that aren’t I? I’m ready for the Friday night football games that consist of cheering on my school’s team in the bleachers with all of my closest friends. I’m ready for the last year of having to eat the awful cafeteria food. By awful I mean, prisoners probably get fed better food than that. It’s really that bad. Most of all I’m ready to make a whole lot of memories that I will never forget. I will share all of my great senior experiences with you guys. 

Senior year, bring it on. 

Relationships: The truth about long distance 

Have you ever thought about what’s it’s like to be in or have a long distance relationship? Well, more than likely you have. Most people have.  People usually have misconceptions about these certain relationships. You hear “distance” and you automatically think it’s doomed for failure. This is mainly because of movies or things that you have read , but like I said it’s all a misconception.  These usually come from people who have not experienced it first hand. Take it from me, if you are wanting to have a long distance relationship or you are about to be in one you are not doomed for failure.

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost four years now and we recently had to go through the — dare I say — dreaded long distance phase of our relationship. Last year in May is when it all begun. He had just graduated high school and I knew things were going to change because I was only a junior. But, he made plans to attend a school fourteen hours away from home. It was only going to be eight months but believe me I thought it was going to be the end of the world when we talked about this.  We literally spent everyday together I had no idea what to even think at that point. He promised me that we would be okay and as long as I trusted him everything would turn out fine in the end. It’s a lot easier said than done, right? He left the following October.

In the beginning, everything was going great. We talked everyday and we Skyped. We never went to bed without calling each other. We thought after all that it wasn’t going to be as bad as everyone says— at least we did at that point. Weeks went by and we started slacking.  He started getting busy managing work with school and I started getting busy with school,  also. We stopped Skyping altogether and started talking less often. And when we did talk it was mostly arguing. Things stared going downhill. We would have like really good days and really bad days.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, it wasn’t easy being away from someone that you want to share every day with. But, things got better. He came home on Christmas and I went to see him in April for my spring break. We started talking more and going back to how we started and it helped things a lot. We survived in the end. We had a lot of rough patches, but I believe it made our relationship 10x stronger.  And even in those rough patches, he would always try to keep me happy whether it be by sending me care packages, telling me jokes, or just letting me know that he loves me. He never ceased to amaze me.

So if you are wondering how to survive a long distance relationship here’s some tips:

1. Always always communicate with your partner at least once or twice a day of possible.

2. Try to send care packages — things that your partner likes or would want.

3. Try to come up with new things to talk about, don’t always keep it the same.

4. Try to Skype. It’s always good to see their face after a long time.

5. Make visits to each other. It really helps.

Remember: You are not doomed for failure.